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No Government Fee will be Charged while Registering A Company

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For the fiscal year 2080-81, there will be no government fees charged for company registration and capital increase. During the budget speech for Nepal on the 15th of Jestha, Finance Minister Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat announced this provision. However, due to various challenges, this provision had been on hold until now. It has been implemented following an announcement made by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies in the official gazette on Monday.

Nepal Gazette

You can visit Rajpatra site through this link: http://rajpatra.dop.gov.np/

You can visit OCR site through this link: https://ocr.gov.np/

According to the gazette, from now on the following activities do not have to pay government fees:

  1. While registering a Private Limited Company.
  2. While registering a Public Limited Company.
  3. When increasing the capital of an already registered company.
  4. When registering a branch or liaison office of a foreign company.
  5. When registering a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) company.

According to the current system, the following fees were applicable while registering a Private Limited Company:

However, for the fiscal year 2080-81, all these fees have been waived.

Why such arrangement was introduced in Nepal?

“To promote entrepreneurship in the country and to strengthen the start-up ecosystem. Nowadays, start-ups are given special attention worldwide because they bring innovative ideas and inventions to the market. With this arrangement in Nepal, it is hoped that young entrepreneurs will find it much easier to start their own start-ups.”

Things to consider before starting the company registration process:

  1. Determine the type of company.
  2. List the main activities the company aims to perform.
  3. Choose the location/address for the company’s office.
  4. Estimate the investment to be made in the company.
  5. Decide on the number and percentage of shareholders.
  6. Apply for the company’s name at the registered office.

के मैले सोचेको कम्पनीको नाम उपलब्ध छ?

Company Registration Process

  • The approval of the company’s name can be obtained from the portal of the registered office.
  • The company’s memorandum including its name, objective, address, and shareholding, as well as the regulations, are prepared.
  • Once the memorandum and regulations are prepared, all shareholders must sign and notarize them before submitting them back to the registered office.
  • The registered office checks all the documents and, if they are correct, provides the company registration certificate.

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