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Tourism Act 2035 | पर्यटन ऐन २०३५

Table of Contents

Tourism Act was published to make necessary arrangements for the health, facility, and interest of foreign tourists and Nepalese tourists who visit one place to another place in Nepal and to make the economic interest of general people through tourism development. Its date of Authentication and Publication was 2035-07-08 (Oct-25, 1978).


  • Provision related to registration and license of Travel and Trekking Agency.
  • Provision relating to tourist standard Hotel, Lodge, Restaurant or Resort and Bar
  • Provision relating to Mountaineering/ Expedition
  • Provision Relating to Tour Guide
  • Tourism Offences, Fines and Complaints

Source: PDF Copy of Tourism Act 2035, provided above was downloaded from Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation.

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