Public-Private Partnership and Investment Act 2075 | सार्वजनिक-निजि साझेदारी तथा लगानी ऐन २०७५

Table of Contents

Public-Private Partnership and Investment Act 2075 was enacted to contribute to the economic prosperity of the country through investment even by the native or foreign private sector in infrastructure construction and services sectors. Its main objective is:

• To manage the projects to be conducted in a public-private partnership.

• To consolidate and amend the legal provisions relating to the investment;


  • Provision concerning Approval of Investment, Project Implementation, and Investment Board.
  • Provision related to projects carried out through public-private partnerships.
  • Provision concerning Private Investment.
  • Facilities and Incentives for the project implemented under this act.

Source: PDF Copy of Public-Private Partnership and Investment Act 2075, provided above was downloaded from Department of Industry.

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