Press And Publication Act 2048 | छापाखाना र प्रकाशन सम्बन्धि ऐन २०४८

Table of Contents

Press and Publication Act 2048 is published to make timely provisions for the press and publication in order to make cordial relations, decency, courtesy, and morals between people of various classes and regions and to create such an atmosphere where the journalism sector of the country can enjoy the freedom of expression freely and without fear, in a decent and responsible manner. No person (either natural or legal) is permitted to operate a press and publication business without establishing a company under this Act.


  • Rules regarding registration of press before commencement.
  • Rules regarding prohibition on closure and seizure of press.
  • Provision regarding restriction and prohibition on publication.
  • Provision regarding press offence and punishment.
  • Provision relating to Press Registrar, Press Representatives and Independent Journalists.

Source: PDF Copy of Press and Publication Act 2048, provided above was downloaded from Ministry Of Communication And Information Technology.

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