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Nepal Standards (Certification Mark) Act 2037| नेपाल गुणस्तर (प्रमाण चिन्ह) ऐन २०३७

Table of Contents

Nepal Standards (Certification Mark) Act 2037 is published to make arrangements for determining the standard of any goods for the welfare of the public and for the use of the marks certifying the standard on such goods. Its date of authentication is 2037-5-26 (Sept. 11, 1980).


  • Establishment, Functions, Duties and Power of Nepal Bureau of Standards.
  • Rules and Regulations on the use of certification mark.
  • Provision regarding offence and penalties.
  • Provision regarding inspection of standard of goods.

Source: PDF Copy of Nepal Standards( Certification Mark ) Act 2037, provided above was downloaded from Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies.

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