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Liquor Act 2031 | मदिरा ऐन २०३१

Table of Contents

Liquor Act 2031 was published with an objective to control the production, sale, distribution, export and import of liquor in order to maintain the decency, health, convenience and economic interest of the general public. It was published on 2031-6-20 (6 October, 1974). It helps to regulate and control the sale, supply and consumption of liquor in a way that is consistent with the expectations, needs and aspirations of the community.


  • Control on production, distribution and import of liquor.
  • Rules and procedures regarding license on import, sale and store liquor.
  • Offence, Search, Seizure and Punishment on activities related to liquor.
  • List of places where the use and sale of alcohol is prohibited.

Source: PDF Copy of Liquor Act 2031, provided above was downloaded from Inland Revenue Department.

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