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Excise Duty Act 2002| अन्त: शुल्क ऐन २०५८

Table of Contents

It is published to make timely, amend and consolidate laws on imposition and collection of excise duty on the goods manufactured in or imported into, or the services delivered in Nepal. It helps to enhance revenue mobilization by making effective the process of collecting revenue required for economic development of the country. Excise Duty Act 2058 was published on 30 January 2002 (2058-10-17).


  • Procedure for assessment, calculation, filing return and payment of excise duty.
  • Provision related to offences and punishment regarding excise duty.
  • Provision regarding license required for manufacture, import, sell and store goods subject to excise duty.
  • Rate of excise duty for different types of goods.

Source: PDF Copy of Excise Duty Act 2002, provided above was downloaded from Inland Revenue Department.

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