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Environment Protection Act 2076| वातावरण संरक्षण ऐन २०७६

Table of Contents

The Parliament enacted the Environment Protection Act, 2076 (2019) (the “Act”) on July 19th, 2019. As a result, the earlier Environment Protection Act, 2053 (1997) (the “1997, Act”) is now repealed.
The main features of this act is that it mandates several compliances to Project Developers while developing a Proposal of a Project, to ensure that the implementation of the Project does not harm the environment.


  • Regulations and procedures for the environmental study report.
  • Regulation and procedures regarding control of pollution.
  • Environmental inspectors and their function, duty, and power.
  • Provision regarding climate change.

Source: PDF Copy of Environment Protection Act 2076 , provided above was downloaded from Ministry of Forests and Environment.

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