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कम्पनी दर्ता किन गर्ने? यसका फाइदा र अप्ठ्याराहरु

कम्पनी दर्ताका केहि फाइदाहरु: सिमित दायित्व (Limited Liability): कुनै पनि कम्पनीको अन्त्यमा प्रा. लि. या लि. लेखिनुको कारण हो “लिमिटेड” अर्थात् सिमित दायित्व| यसको मतलब हो, व्यक्तिगत रुपमा कम्पनीको ऋण र जिम्मेवारीबाट हजुरलाई व्यक्तिगत तहमा सुरक्षा मिल्छ| यो अवस्थामा लिन कबुल गर्नुभएको सेयर पुंजी बराबरको रकम मात्र हजुरको दायित्व बन्छ| छुट्टै कानुनी मान्यता (Legal Identity)कम्पनीलाई कानुनी […]

No Government Fee will be Charged while Registering A Company

For the fiscal year 2080-81, there will be no government fees charged for company registration and capital increase. During the budget speech for Nepal on the 15th of Jestha, Finance Minister Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat announced this provision. However, due to various challenges, this provision had been on hold until now. It has been implemented […]

अब देखि कम्पनी दर्ता गर्दा राजस्व नलाग्ने!

आ. व. २०८०-८१ को लागि कम्पनी दर्ता तथा पुंजी वृद्धिमा कुनै पनि सरकारी दस्तुर नलाग्ने भएको छ| नेपालको बजेट भाषण गर्ने क्रममा जेठ १५ गते अर्थमन्त्री डा. प्रकाश शरण महतले यो घोषणा गर्नुभएको थियो| तर विभिन्न चुनौतिको कारण अहिले सम्म रोकिएको यो प्रावधान उद्योग, वाणिज्य तथा आपूर्ति मन्त्रालयले राजपत्रमा सोमबार, असोज ८ गते सूचना प्रकाशित […]

Starting A Private Limited Company in Nepal

What? A Private Limited Company is a type of business organization where the owners’ liability is limited, meaning their personal assets are protected if the company faces financial problems. In simple terms, if the company can’t pay its debts, the owners are not personally responsible for covering those debts. Instead, their liability is limited to […]

Non Profit Organization – A Step by Step Guide to Register NGO

What is Non-Profit Organization (Commonly Known as NGO) The Company Act of 2006 classifies companies into three types, and one of them is called a not-for-profit company (known as non-profit company). A non-profit company is created with the condition that it cannot share or distribute any profits, dividends, or money to its members. Instead, it […]

Things to do After Company Registration

Things to do after Company Registration To start a business in Nepal, the first thing you need to do is register your company. Choosing a private limited company is better than a private firm for the future because it provides limited liability, easier access to funding, and enhanced growth opportunities. Shareholders are protected from personal […]

Elementor #9693

What is Startup? and Why Entrepreneurs choose Startups: A startup business is a new company that has just begun its journey in the business world. It’s like a small plant that is starting to grow. Startups are often founded by entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas or solutions to address specific problems. These businesses are different […]

Frequently Asked Questions during Company Registration.

1. What are the benefits of Company Registration over Proprietorship Firm? Shareholders: A Private Limited Company can be started with at least one shareholder and there can be a maximum of 101 shareholders. So, it is very easy to add or remove a shareholder as per AOA of the company. But in case of Proprietorship […]

Estimated Tax Calculator for Companies

Business owners in Nepal need to understand Advance Tax to comply with tax laws. This blog explains how Advance Tax works in Nepal, so you can navigate this important part of your business.

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